Author Interviews


Interview: W Bradford Swift

  This week we got to sit down with prolific author, W. Bradford Swift. Join us as we talk about how a librarian saved his mother’s sanity by introducing the then fourth grader to the world of books. Years later, he sold his vet practice to pursue his dream of...


Interview: Marissa Nofer

  This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with Marissa Nofer. Join us as we talk about how a story she wrote when she was 14 became her first book, how her grandfather keeps her going when she gets stuck, and how important neurodiversity in fiction is to...


Interview: James Peters

  This week we sat down with science fiction author, James Peters. Join us as we talk about why he got hooked on reading as a kid, how he puts together his Space Operas, and his journey to find a voice actor for Audible.   CJ: Why don’t you start...


Interview: DL Blackburne

  This week I sat down with author and illustrator DL Blackburne. Join us as we talk about how he published three graphic novels but stayed away from illustrating his current series Office Pool so he could experience writing a story without pictures.    CJ: Hi, DL. Thank you so...


Interview: Kelvin Okogeri

  This week I got to sit with Kelvin Okogeri. Join us as we talk about how losing his father at age 10 and going from royalty to near poverty changed his world view. Kelvin has written an expository memoir that captured his life story. Written as a blueprint to...


Interview: BL Wilde

  This week I sat down and talked with BL Wilde, an author who wouldn’t be where she is today without her sister believing in her so much that she submitted a piece of BL’s work without telling her! Join us as we talk about how music inspires her, why...


Interview: Patricia Goodsell

  This week I got to sit with Patricia Goodsell, an actress turned writer. We talked about her journey from acting out someone else’s stories to writing her own, how much rain storms have influenced her stories, and why she’d better never run out of kitty treats.     CJ:...


Interview: Zonia Lin

  This week, I got to sit down with the writing team, Zonia Lin.  We chatted about a few of our favorite authors and how they divvy up the writing. They give us some insight into how they learned to listen to each other, not just as friends but also...


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