Author Interviews


Interview: Jess Frankel

  This week’s interview is with prolific author, Jess S Frankel. We sat down and talked about why he decided to traditionally publish his books, what success looks like to him, and what makes a good story. We even got him to tell us two of his phobias. They’ll definitely… Read more »


Interview: Cady Hammer

This week we sat down with YA Fantasy author, Cady Hammer, whose debut novel, Chasing Fae released today! Join us as we talk about how she stumbled into her publisher, when she finds time to write during such a busy academic schedule, and how losing a close friend became the inspiration… Read more »


Interview: Charles Freedom Long

This week was a lot of fun. Join me as I sat down with speculative literature author, Charles Freedom Long. He talked about how moving around helped shape his perception of what was “real” and how the voices in his head were dead people trying to get him to tell… Read more »


Interview: Dustin Archibald

  This week we sat down with Dustin Archibald, an author with a history in comics and graphic novels. Dustin talks to us about how he took this experience and translated it into a novel with a strong female lead. We learn about the journey he took from seeking a… Read more »


Interview: Jessaca Willis

  This week we sat down with Jessaca Willis, author of the dark fantasy series The Awakened and other fantastic stories. Join us as we talk about balancing life as a new mom and author, accidentally using a marketing tactic called “reader magnet,” and how much joy she has found… Read more »


Interview: Christiane Tann

  We sat with Christiane Tann, author of Cornflakes this week. Join us as we talk about her move from Germany to London and how she struggled with the language barrier while learning how to live away from family, her interest in writing about guilt and how that manifests, and… Read more »


Interview: Gerald R Stanek

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Gerald R Stanek. A visionary fiction author who has been writing for over 40 years. We talk about how his wife’s near-death experience sparked an interest that launched several of his novels, what visionary fiction is, and plotting out stories CSI style. … Read more »


Interview: Natalie Bartley

Natalie Bartley sat down with us this week and we got to talk about the voices in her head, writer’s block, how one of her characters led her to write for a popular online magazine, and what her writing process looks like.      CJ: Let’s start with you just… Read more »


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