Review: Attracted to My Step-Brother by D.G. Alan

Attracted To My Stepbrother 
by D. G. Alan
Available on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle for 0.99$
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D.G. has gone her entire life with stories in her head and just a few years ago finally picked up a pen put the words onto paper. She’s been busy and already has two books published on her Amazon page. She enjoys writing romance stories with a bit of sci-fi or fantasy flavor to them. One of the best things about her stories is that they all feature characters who are members of the LGBTQ community. 

I met D.G. last year during my first call for submissions and when I got a hold of her book I was nervous. I enjoy a steamy romance just as much as the next person but I had yet to read a romance with gay characters. I really shouldn’t have been nervous because D.G. eases you into the story and you’re halfway done before you realize you’re reading. It is because of this that I gave her a 4-star review



My Amazon Review

The author explores the idea of same-sex love with a step-brother and does it with believable and fun characters. Though the story is short, the author delivers a believable scenario in which the main character, Devin, is confronted with something that he shouldn’t want and each day of denial brings him closer and closer to exploding. Give it a read to find out whether or not his nemesis, Brock, becomes his boy toy!

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