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This week I got to sit with Kelvin Okogeri. Join us as we talk about how losing his father at age 10 and going from royalty to near poverty changed his world view. Kelvin has written an expository memoir that captured his life story. Written as a blueprint to extraordinary living; Endless Possibilities contains powerful principles that can cause a qualitative shift in the mind of readers.



CJ: Why don’t you start by telling us a little about yourself.

Kelvin: Okay, sure! My name is Kelvin Okogeri, I’m a craftsman, and writing is my art. My nationality is Nigeria and I hail from Afikpo, Ebonyi State, to be precise. I’ve been working as a freelance writer for well over 5 years. I authored the book Endless Possibilities, and it has set the pace for other upcoming books – they are yet in the incubator. I love exploring nature. That’s where I draw my inspiration. I believe that life should be lived, not just for ourselves, but mainly for others, so discovering new friends and keeping them, is a hobby for me. I am obsessed with creativity; I love reading, designing, and writing. I think that’s the best way to live because I really don’t know any other way to be human. This summarizes my way of being and my philosophies.  

CJ: That is an amazing way to live your life. Tell us what your book, Endless Possibilities, is about.

Kelvin: I’d like to think of my book as an operating manual, a guide for whoever wants to get ahead in life. I have gone through some fair life-altering situations, and it’s amazing how people get frustrated when they are hit hard by life’s circumstances. I think there are many souls gasping for help, and picking up a book like mine can help them finally be free from themselves. I found my way when I was lost in the abyss of frustration and I would love to pass on my formula to the world.  So back to your question, Endless Possibilities, is an expository memoir that captured my life story. How I transitioned from being raised in a royal home (my Dad was a king) to how I lived in hardship (after my Dad died, at age 10), and finally to how I was able to re-discover myself in the chamber of greatness (from growing my personal brand). 

The book is more or less a blueprint to extraordinary living; it contains powerful principles that can cause a qualitative shift in the mind of readers. It is for those enslaved by their own inner shame and guilt. I intend it for those going through depression, anxiety, restlessness, mental injuries, and mindset issues. It is written for CEOs, Champions, Entrepreneurs, Goal-Getters, Leaders, and High Performers. This book is also meant for winners who are on the verge of a wipeout. I guess I have said so much already.

CJ: That’s impressive stuff. So, would you say, your father’s death was the catalyst for this book, or was it just the beginning of a long string of things that happened?

Kelvin: Not really, I was inspired by my liberation. Before my Dad died, life was rosy, I had virtually everything I pointed at, whether it was at the grocery store or just the roadside market. I never believed the world of “not enough.” When we got broke, my mom had to start a business, we survived through every stage. It affected my mind. I started swimming away from the “wealth mentality.” And, from reading books, and learning how to embrace the “habits of successful people,” I got re-awakened to the world of Endless Possibilities. It says you can have anything, be anything, achieve anything in the world if you want it bad enough and are willing to pay the price. That mind transformation inspired me to write this book. To be clear, I haven’t gotten to the end of the road yet, I am still stretching to attain the peak of my desires.

CJ: At what point, through all of this, did you look around and think to yourself that you had to write a book?

Kelvin: I’ve always been a writer. I wrote stories with crayons and pencils at age eight. I wrote my first book at age 15. At age 18, when I was struggling to come out of myself, remember, I was already limited (in my mind), losing my dad, and living a “not enough” lifestyle. So much was happening within me. But after watching this video, The Secret – Law of Attraction. I had an epiphany that came to me almost in an audible voice, YOU ARE NOT ORDINARY, YOU ARE MORE! Almost immediately, the desire to write a book cropped up. And the title – ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – was already in my head. But it took a decade to finally materialize it.

CJ: Your book has been out for over a year. How has it been received?

Kelvin: Well, I’d say, the book has not accomplished its mission yet. We recorded the highest turn up in sales, within the first three months after its publication. And we’ve always received positive feedback from people who read it. I am yet to get a negative one. I think the book is loved, highly loved! The book sales are not moving so fast because I’ve not invested so much in promotion and marketing. I’ve been busy working on my business. But, I have it at the back of my mind, to print more copies and market!. 

CJ: Have you had an opportunity to attend any writing conferences to do book signings yet?

Kelvin: I’m not sure what you mean, but if you are talking about organizing a meetup with readers, like “author’s meet and greet” kind of thing, then Yes! I have also had public speaking engagements where I sold the book to participants.

CJ: You’ve mentioned that your book hasn’t accomplished its mission yet. At what point would you consider it a success?

Kelvin: Maybe, when it has found its root in the hall of fame of the universe. When it can be spoken about and remembered, years after I’m gone. It is not a book per se, it’s a movement. Like I said earlier, it’s an “operating manual.” We still read dead people’s books and feel them being fantastically present, speaking to us audibly through their book. I want the next five generations to tell me in my grave that my book succeeded. 

CJ: That is definitely an ideal to strive for. We’re about out of time but do you have any advice for younger people who may be facing similar situations as yours and not really know how to get through it?

Kelvin: Okay, are you talking about young writers who are struggling to get their book idea out to the world? Or people who went through tough times in life and are looking to come out of it?

CJ: Go ahead and answer both.

Kelvin: Okay,  If you are a writer, I want you to take what I am about to say very seriously. “Never quit writing.” You have a hungry audience out there, they are eager and waiting. I was told I won’t make a living from writing. My family made me study engineering. I was given every pill to forget all about writing, but still, yet, my passion found me.  Don’t let the noise of the naysayers quench your light, expect them to tell you that your writing sucks. Yes, I said it. Expect the worst reviews, but don’t stop.  I wish I had more time, but know that you have to keep pushing.

And, for those who are trying to find their feet in the land of prosperity, just know that YOU ARE NOT ORDINARY and that YOU ARE MORE! There is more than enough to go around in this world. Build your mental capacity to accept greatness. Then get restless and be intentional about being great. Don’t be ashamed of your hustle, focus on the destination and you will find yourself there!

CJ: That is wonderful advice, Kelvin. Thank you so much for sitting with me today. I enjoyed our conversation. 

Kelvin: Wow! Couldn’t be happier. Thank you for having me!



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