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This week I got to sit down with M. Curtis McCoy, a survivor, and successful leader. Join us as we talk about how surviving brain cancer (among other things) fuelled his desire to win instead of sitting down and accepting defeat. He also tells us all about his best-selling books and the key to creating a successful Facebook community that has over 250k members!



CJ: Thanks for joining me. Now, you’ve had more than your share of health issues in your life. Can you tell me about your background?  I’m interested in who you were before all of your health issues and how learning to overcome them changed you.

M Curtis:  I survived brain cancer and lost the ability to communicate for quite a while. My short-term memory is still terrible, but I try to text message everyone because it’s easier to remember when it’s written. My first book, Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration, talks a lot about fighting through my health issues. I grew up fighting insulin-dependent diabetes. They diagnosed me at 27 months old. I struggled with seizures and that kind of stuff, but always fought through it and kept growing. I’ve always said we can make excuses or we can move forward. There’s never really been a time in my life when I wasn’t fighting through some medical issues. I recently spent 23 days in the hospital because of a biking accident that almost cost me my leg, but you just keep going. Throughout all of that, I’ve owned several successful companies including a cosmetic medical laser franchise, a white label pharmaceutical compounding company, a Christian clothing company, and I’m running a company called that’s doing very well. 

CJ: So you’ve never really known life without some type of pain?

M Curtis: Man, that’s a great question. We are all fighting some kind of pain or struggle. I talked with people every day in my Success, Motivation & Inspiration Facebook group who have fought through unbelievable pain and struggles and heartaches but the cool thing about most people who have become successful is that they just don’t focus on the negative. In my most recent book, I was able to interview some absolutely amazing people about their views and insights on success. It was truly a blessing to connect with these people and share their insights on leadership and success.

CJ: You’ve mentioned your Facebook group. I looked around it and there’s so much going on. How have you built such a sizeable community?

M Curtis: I launched the Success, Motivation & Inspiration group to connect with other leaders & to inspire young entrepreneurs. I created the group pretty shortly after I was trying to recover from the malignant glioblastoma brain tumor, and it’s been really neat to see the group grow. It took forever to get our first 1,000 members & I took my employees at Best Cellular out to celebrate with a pizza party when we reached our first 1,000 active members. I didn’t even realize that it was possible to monetize a group until I had more than 40,000 members. I was being interviewed on a podcast about one of my books and the host saw that I just bought a Jaguar. He commented about how much the group must earn me each month and how it was a beautiful car. As we talked, he explained that a well-managed Facebook group should earn at least $1 per user per month which would equate to $40,000 per month that I should have been earning from the group at that time. From that day, we started building systems and automating processes which has turn the group into a massive sales funnel that’s helped me move 800+ books daily. So that’s been great as an author. 

The way we actually built such a sizeable group was to publish valuable content the readers were looking for every single day. There’s really no trick or secret to get a quarter-million followers. The secret is to keep providing massive value and expect nothing in return. Now, the group is gaining over 2,000 numbers daily with no type of advertising. And that’ll help sell books because people are connecting with my personal brand at

The short answer to your question on how do you build such a sizeable community, publish valuable content every day. Don’t ask for anything in return until you’ve already built a sizeable group. Make sure that if you’re asking for something only do that about 5% to 10% of the time. Use the rest of the time to provide massive value for free. If your goal is to help others, everything else falls into place automatically.

CJ: That all sounds fantastic. I know you’ve got a new book that came out this past Saturday. What inspired you to write it?

M Curtis: Let me drop a section of the Amazon description because it’s an excellent summary: 

By the time I was 27 years old, I had become successful and life was great!

Everything changed when I started having daily grand mal seizures. In 2010, they diagnosed me with brain cancer. Oncologists gave me only 60-90 days to live. I lost absolutely everything as I became unable to drive, live alone, or remember minor details such as if I’d eaten, or taken an insulin shot. Everything I had researched, the businesses I had built, and even my memory were gone.

My family took me to Tijuana, Mexico to pursue alternative treatments. Uncertain of whether I’d survive, it inspired me to make a difference in as many lives as possible.

I began contacting leaders I admired and asking questions. HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL: Think Like A Leader is a compilation of true stories & conversations that will help you in your journey to success.

I’ve always enjoyed motivational talks, pumped up workout music, and inspirational books. Each day, I commit to doing something that inspires me to reach for more.

In 2015 I launched Success, Motivation & Inspiration as a blog to motivate and inspire others to achieve more in their lives. Around the same time, I began connecting with aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned experts. I was looking for others who wanted to increase their business and expand their market presence. It was nice to jot down thoughts in the blog when I discovered something that inspired me.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the guy that people approach with ideas. I enjoy working with seasoned entrepreneurs, new business owners, and startups as they share their vision. As the social media groups gained thousands of members globally, I started receiving calls and messages from people whose lives had improved because of the principles I shared. Others reached out for guidance or advice on how to become successful. I also received messages from athletes who were inspired to train harder, stick to their diet plans, and pursue their goals with greater intensity.

CJ: That is a really good description of how the book came to be. With everything that you’ve done, and you’ve done a lot, how do you determine success?

M Curtis: Thanks so much. That’s kind of you to say! I ask that same question to each leader I interviewed in the book, and here’s my reply (taken directly from

I often think of the quote from Earl Nightingale, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream.” Although I’ve experienced many difficulties after surviving brain cancer, I’ve been able to surround myself with an incredible team, and I’ve built some great friendships while writing this book! Success is about doing something that improves the lives of others and makes you truly happy.

CJ: That is an amazing way to look at it. How long did it take you to write?

M Curtis: It took me about two-and-a-half years between interviewing the leaders I could have conversations with, editing, promotion, etc. This book, How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader, has been a massive project, and I wrote three additional short books and published them as practice… Two of those first books became bestsellers in their respective categories on Amazon. I wanted to make sure that I 110% understood the system before wasting the time of these awesome leaders who agreed to be interviewed. We’ve already got a ton of pre-orders coming in and I think this next book will be a big hit.

CJ: With that background, I don’t see how this book won’t be a huge success! 

M Curtis: Thanks so much!




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 M. Curtis McCoy

M. Curtis McCoy | Success, Motivation, & Inspiration

Success, Motivation, & Inspiration

M. Curtis McCoy

M. Curtis McCoy

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