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I am super excited to be able to interview my friend, Marc Tizura, today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and you’ll find his contact links at the end. Make sure you follow him everywhere!



CJ: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me, Marc. I know you’re super busy. So let’s just get started.

Marc: Of course.

CJ: Tell us a little about the writing projects you’ve got going on right now.

Marc:  Currently, as you’re aware, I have blog posts for the God Thanatos on the website I have written twenty-one posts during which I tell of the life and times of the God of death from his perspective. One of his stories will actually be in the upcoming Immortal Fears anthology (pre-order for 2.99$ here).  I also have The Tales from the End of the World volumes which are a series of individual short stories dealing with the apocalypse, post-apocalypse, dystopian, horror, and strange fiction. Basically, my own version of The Twilight Zone. Then I also have a longer WIP series, The Grenin Series.  This is basically is a fantasy series of five books that detail the life and trials of the title character Grenin in the world of Paradin. The first three are being written and are awaiting editing. Of all of the things I have, the one that is published in book format currently is Tales from the end of the world vol. 1 Currents of the Duat.

CJ: All that sounds amazing and like you’re keeping yourself quite busy! What was your inspiration for Currents of the Duat?

Marc: I was actually on a walk with my father and we were joking and I said I was going to be the last man standing after the apocalypse and then I’d be dying in the gutter from my injuries. My dad replied, “So will the guy across the street trying to shoot you.”

CJ: That’s definitely a great start for a story. How long did it take you to write it?

Marc: It’s a short story so, just four days.

CJ: I’ve written a couple of my books in 3 days so I understand the fervor to get it all down. Tell me about what your family thinks about you being an author.

Marc: My parents have always been supportive of my creative endeavors. The rest of my family is hit or miss with encouragement. 

CJ: Do you have a day job and is it easy for you to schedule time to write?

Marc: I’m a Residential Security Guard and I mostly have set schedule but I am also on call so they can have me come in whenever. I have one overnight shift a week so I take all my notes to write during my free time throughout the night. I simply adjust and adapt my writing to work for me.

CJ: So here’s the question everyone on Twitter always wants to know: Pantser or plotter?

Marc: I don’t really know.

CJ: Okay, how about you tell me your process then.

Marc: I get a couple of clear scenes in my head and I write them out. From there the story takes life depending on what the characters want to show and tell me.

CJ: Sounds like a pantser to me. Next question! Do you like to read the same genre you write in?

Marc: I do, it keeps things fresh and gives me inspiration.

CJ: Who are your favorite authors and how have they shaped how you write or the stories you tell?

Marc: I have a few favorite authors. Stephen King is a huge influence in the genre I primarily write in. I don’t try to copy his work but it inspires me and when I have writer’s block I’ll break out one of his audiobooks and that tends to break it. The creator of The Twilight Zone and prolific screenwriter, Rob Serling, is another influential author for me. Growing up watching his work taught me what a good story is and how important a twist at the end can be. I’m a huge fan of John Steinbeck. I read Of Mice and Men until my copy fell apart. His nonessential characters don’t usually have a name and I picked up the habit in my writing and have continued to do so. Other favorites include Richard Mattheson, Niel Gaiman, H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, Jim Butcher, etc.

CJ: I love some of those authors as well, especially Jim Butcher, but I digress. What is the most difficult thing about writing for you?

Marc: Editing. I am no good at editing, no matter how many times I attempt it. It’s just easier to have someone else edit for me.

CJ: Yes, editing is the bane of many writers. Now for a couple of fun questions if you’re game.

Marc: Sure.

CJ: Do you have any fears or phobias?

Marc: I sure do.

CJ: Will you share them with us?

Marc: Nope.

CJ: Okay…Let’s try another question then. If you were a character in one of your books/stories which one would you be and would you be able to survive a zombie apocalypse? 

Marc: Of course, I will survive the apocalypse with any of my characters. Post-apocalyptic is one of the genres I write in. That means I have thousands of plans to survive, not only Zombies but, a whole slew of other end-time scenarios….bwhahahahahahahaha.

CJ: I’m going to make sure to have you on speed dial if this COVID pandemic gets any worse. Last question. What is a strange quirk you have that people may not know about? 

Marc: If you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you I am pretty quirky to begin with so most are fairly obvious. There is one I don’t think anyone knows about. While writing certain scenes, I will act out with different voices and stances for each character, really becoming them. Once I’m satisfied, I go to write it down.

CJ: Wow! Thank you so much for hanging out with me today, Marc. I personally love your brand of storytelling and can’t wait for you to put more things out there! 

Note from CJ: One of the things we didn’t get a chance to talk about is that Marc has a production company called End of the World Productions. Make sure you follow his production company on Twitter and YouTube. 



You can connect with Marc via these avenues

@MarcTizura | @EndofTheWorldP | @Thanatos_of


Tales from the End of the World

Marc Tizura

Marc Tizura

Marc Tizura

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