Review: Promptly Chronicled by Christine Graves

Promptly Chronicled: 300 writing prompts to inspire the fiction writer by Christine Graves Available on Kindle Unlimited and 3.99$ on Kindle Follow her on Twitter: @sapheyerblu I had the pleasure of meeting Christine around May of last year when she applied to write as the voice of the goddess Demeter at Christine is not… Read more »


Interview: Mily Ketchum

This week we had author and Architect, Mily Ketchum, sit with us. Once we warmed her up with some easy questions we found out why it’s taken her twelve years to write her book and how she manages to balance her creative and logical sides.   CJ: Mily, thank you so much for joining me… Read more »


Review: Attracted to My Step-Brother by D.G. Alan

Attracted To My Stepbrother  by D. G. Alan Available on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle for 0.99$ Follow DG on Twitter: @Desireemymymy     D.G. has gone her entire life with stories in her head and just a few years ago finally picked up a pen put the words onto paper. She’s been busy and… Read more »


Interview: Ami Sanghvi

This week I’m excited to be interviewing Ami Sanghvi, a poet with a mean right hook. We sat down and discussed the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing as well as her plans for the future. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and join us as we spend some time with this amazing woman. You… Read more »


Review: Light in the Darkness by Dane Thomas

Light in the Darkness by Dane Thomas Available on Kindle – 1.99$ and 9.99$ Paperback  Follow him on Twitter: @dthomasquotes1 Follow him on IG: @dthomasquotes I met Dane on Twitter back on that original Tweet I posted that was the precursor of this website when I asked for books to review. He very wonderfully sent… Read more »


Interview: Alden Bauers

This week’s interview is with Alden Bauers, author of several paranormal suspense books currently available on Amazon. You’ll find his links at the end of the interview so make sure you follow him everywhere!      CJ: Alden, thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you are well.  Alden: I am, thank… Read more »


Review: Poetry Doodles by Wayne Davids

Poetry Doodles: Poems Jotted in the Margins By Wayne Davids Available on Kindle Unlimited, 2.99$ on Kindle Follow him on Twitter: @ReadWayneDavids     I met Wayne back in June 2019 when he joined The Pantheon ( to voice the god of hate and jealousy, Dinlas. Since then, he’s managed to write enough for… Read more »


Interview: Marc Tizura

I am super excited to be able to interview my friend, Marc Tizura, today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and you’ll find his contact links at the end. Make sure you follow him everywhere!     CJ: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me,… Read more »


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