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There was a personal emergency a couple of weeks ago and because of that, I got behind on my reading. To keep with the Thursday reviews, this week will be Amazon reviews of my books. I’ll be back on track with reviews next week. 

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The Madness in Our Intentions – Amazon review by Brie

I got to have an exclusive reading by the author, and I had to lay down on the floor afterwards because her words left me emotionally devastated. From one poem you’re like DAMN WOMAN, to *on verge of tears* damn, woman. Simply presents the absolutely mastery of the written word both CJ and Aidan are able to present. It is a must buy for any fan of poetry. WHY ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING AT THE REVIEWS ITS AMAZING BUY IT NOW


Take My Breath Away – 
Amazon review by Mangus Khan

A perfect example of the reaction of people when pushed to their limits. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this author’s work, but I did! I’m glad I took the chance.




The Reunion – Amazon review by Romance&PNRLover

What an awesome, gripping short story! In the beginning, we’re introduced to Lacey and Carson and think they might be the only main characters…but wait! There’s so much more. Enter Jane, and her history with Carson, and a reunion…just WOW! I devoured this novella. The writing was crisp and raw, the characters were well developed. Great for fans of mysteries or thrillers!



Olympus Confidential: The Deep Wild – Amazon review by Rashmi Menon

Olympus Confidential: The Deep Wild is a set of stories that revolve around Hera, the Queen of Gods, but told from the POV of her children: Moxie, Nike, Hephaestus, and Ares. The Queen is kidnapped and the task of finding her falls on her four teenaged children. Each child of Hera has to go through a test/ordeal of sorts to find a clue that would lead to her location.

I enjoyed reading the multiple challenges and ordeals the children had to go through in the hopes of finding their mother. Some of these challenges were truly heartbreaking while the others were creepy and frightening. My favorite was Hephaestus’ ordeal. It provided an insight into the complex relationship between Hera and Hephaestus. I also loved Moxie’s story as she came to realize her true powers. Nike’s and Ares’ stories were both unique and enlightening.

CJ Landry is a master storyteller who has brilliantly woven together stories from multiple POVs in various settings yet within a single situation. Kudos to her for keeping the reader not only invested in the book but also on their toes as they race along with the characters.


Pizza Delivery – Amazon review by Christine Graves

I’ve read several of CJ Landry’s stories and she just seems to get better every time. Pizza Delivery was nothing like what I was imagining. I couldn’t stop reading. But it was the ending that really threw me for a loop. I was shocked. I highly recommend this story to anyone who likes a good thriller but doesn’t have time to read an entire novel. Great job.



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