Review: The Crown of Bones by Rosalyn Briar


The Crown of Bones
by Rosalyn Briar
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I recently had the opportunity to read the dark fantasy, The Crown of Bones by Rosalyn Briar. Fantasy authors have a hard job of creating a world and making sure their characters belong within that creation. One can build a fantastic world with minute detail, but if character mannerisms or dialogue don’t fit, the reader gets thrown out of the story. Ms. Briar managed both items skillfully and with careful thought to each item and character. As I read the story, the characters enamored me. Each was full-bodied, including walk-on characters. 

The MC, Gisela, is strong without being hard, caring without being walked over, and smart without being condescending. From the beginning, she accepts her fate to protect the people she loves, but she also refuses to give up hope of getting back to them. 

One concern I had as I got deeper into the book was the love story between Gisela and Brahm. It would have been easy to deviate from the main story and focus on the love affair, but the author balanced the two effortlessly. I felt every ache, frustration, yearning, and jealous moment. Gisela guards her heart viciously, and with every step of the journey, the author drew me into Gisela’s internal struggle between focusing on the task she was on and allowing herself to acknowledge her feelings. 

The only issue I had with the story was how abruptly it ended. There is no indication that there will be a second book, and after reading the last page I was confused as to why there was nothing after it. 

Regardless, this is definitely a book I recommend to all fantasy readers.

 ~4.5 Stars~


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