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Review: The Crown of Bones by Rosalyn Briar

  The Crown of Bones by Rosalyn Briar Available free on KU, Kindle 3.99$, paperback for 12.99$, and Audible Follow her on  Twitter: @RosalynBriar and on her website:         I recently had the opportunity to read the dark fantasy, The Crown of Bones by Rosalyn Briar. Fantasy authors...


Review: CJ Landry

There was a personal emergency a couple of weeks ago and because of that, I got behind on my reading. To keep with the Thursday reviews, this week will be Amazon reviews of my books. I’ll be back on track with reviews next week.  Follow me on Twitter: @InevitableCJ, IG:...


Review: Cornflakes by Christiane Tann

  Cornflakes  by Christiane Tann Available on Kindle for 6.99$ and Paperback for 9.99$ Follow her on Twitter: @GirlCornflakes   When I first started reading this book, I didn’t have any real expectations except that I would probably struggle through it, since it’s not one of my typical reading genres....


Review: Tell-Tale Hearts by H. A. Blackwood

Tell-Tale Hearts by HA Blackwood Available on Kindle Unlimited, 3.99$ on Kindle, 10.00$ Paperback Follow HA on Twitter: @HABlackwood7     I had the pleasure of meeting H.A. a couple of months ago when they so very kindly sent me a copy of their book after I’d won a contest....


Review: Panic Attacks by Ross Tyson

Panic Attacks: Short Stories by Ross Tyson Available on Kindle Unlimited, 4.99$ on Kindle, and 9.99$ Paperback Follow Ross on Twitter: @googlyeyes1993     Ross and I met around the beginning of 2020 during an out of control tweet thread that ended up being a dumpster fire. There were dozens...


Review: Promptly Chronicled by Christine Graves

Promptly Chronicled: 300 writing prompts to inspire the fiction writer by Christine Graves Available on Kindle Unlimited and 3.99$ on Kindle Follow her on Twitter: @sapheyerblu I had the pleasure of meeting Christine around May of last year when she applied to write as the voice of the goddess Demeter...


Review: Attracted to My Step-Brother by D.G. Alan

Attracted To My Stepbrother  by D. G. Alan Available on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle for 0.99$ Follow DG on Twitter: @Desireemymymy     D.G. has gone her entire life with stories in her head and just a few years ago finally picked up a pen put the words onto...


Review: Light in the Darkness by Dane Thomas

Light in the Darkness by Dane Thomas Available on Kindle – 1.99$ and 9.99$ Paperback  Follow him on Twitter: @dthomasquotes1 Follow him on IG: @dthomasquotes I met Dane on Twitter back on that original Tweet I posted that was the precursor of this website when I asked for books to...

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