Submissions for Book Reviews

I am an avid reader and always try to leave a review of any book I finish. If you would like me to read your book, then this is the place. I don’t really have much in the way of requirements for books I review.

Once I receive your submission, I’ll review the information on the book requested and then contact you to confirm that is a book I feel comfortable reviewing, to give you my current turnaround time, and to collect payment.

All book reviews are 5.00$ and payment will be collected after I read the book but before I write a review.

Please note: If your book costs over 3.99$ and you cannot offer a free copy, all purchasing costs will be added to the cost of the review, and payment will be collected before I purchase the book. 

Send questions to



If you do have a free copy, please upload the file below. EPub, PDF, and Word documents are all accepted.
You do not have to upload a copy now. You can wait until I reach out and let you know if I will be able to review your book.
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