We are always taking new submissions! If you’d like to submit your author page or book(s) to be listed on this website, just fill out the form and someone will get back to you within 72 hours!  We even have an option for a book review.

Questions can be sent to

Requirements for submission:

  1. Because of the time it takes to keep this website updated and running smoothly, we will limit each author to submit no more than three (3) individual works.
  2. Authors may submit up to three (3) books and a website, books without a website, or just a website. 
  3. You must follow us on Twitter.
  4. Your books may only be self-published or published by a small publishing house. (A small publishing house is defined as a publisher with an annual turnover of under $50 million, or those that publish on average 10 or fewer titles per year.)
  5. If submitting an author website, you will also need to submit an image. There is more information on the website submission page.
  6. There is a minimum 5.00$ fee for any book review. There is more information on the book review submission page.

We also have the opportunity for author interviews!
Disclaimer: Not all authors who express interest will be asked to interview. 

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