Review: Poetry Doodles by Wayne Davids

Poetry Doodles: Poems Jotted in the Margins
By Wayne Davids
Available on Kindle Unlimited, 2.99$ on Kindle
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I met Wayne back in June 2019 when he joined The Pantheon ( to voice the god of hate and jealousy, Dinlas. Since then, he’s managed to write enough for that project to probably fill 2 or 3 books on their own and yet he has somehow managed to publish a book of poetry at the same time. 

Over the last months, we (at the Pantheon) have been blessed to have him as a part of our (mostly) daily life. He has a very sharp but sarcastic sense of humor and a very creative mind. Anytime we’ve needed something written up, whether it’s a creative piece or some administration documentation he goes out of his way to anticipate any needs we may have. It got to the point that I worried we were draining him creatively.

So, when he told me that he was publishing a book of poetry, I was so happy for him and proud that he was going to finally publish something on his own. To say I was anxiously anticipating the arrival of this book would minimize my excitement. The book itself is full of short poems and is definitely a quick read but you will feel something for each one. It is for this reason I gave his book 5 stars.

My Amazon Review

I am a fan of the quick poems Wayne writes but don’t be deceived, though they are quick to read they are full of meaning. Several of them touched my soul but I am quite fond of his limericks and haikus. They left me smiling for hours after. This is one of the few poetry books I will read again and again.

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